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Our policy statement:

The Institute of Vegetables and Flowers, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (IVF-CAAS) is pleased to release biological material and data for the advancement of scientific research. Much of this material represents many years of research and maintenance and/or embodies a vast amount of genetic and phenotypic data. To continue to serve the scientific community in the best possible way, we make a compelling request for the exchange of information. Accordingly, we would be interested to receive all reports from your laboratory that would allow us to update and/augment our databases.

The data you are receiving from IVF-CAAS were developed with research grants from public and private sources. In consideration for the interests of our commercial partners it should be emphasised that there is a clear distinction between the pursuit of fundamental science and applied research, the latter being strictly prohibited using this data. Furthermore, considering that the data has not yet been published and results from your analysis and utilization should not be published without our prior informed consent from IVF-CAAS.

You are receiving the cucumber genome data including genome sequence and annotated genes.

IVF-CAAS will release this data under the following conditions:

Handled by: Sanwen Huang
Position: Principal Investigator
Date: 2009-02-26

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